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"You can tell a lot about a man by the mustache he wears, or uses to wash the dishes." 

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people to design, build, and market some wonderful products.  Below are a sampling of works for which I played a substantial role in developing concepts into tangible goods.  In short, projects that I can say I am proud to wear.



Lego-style building blocks for CD jewel cases


Case-Ons 2010-2013

For this project I worked with Daedalus Excel (Pittsburgh product development company) to design and produce a resourceful building block system using CD jewel cases.  We prototyped and manufactured a family of intuitive snap-fit clips, including a swiveling ball clip to enhance the building possibilities.   Users can also share ideas on a personally-designed interactive website.  Simple and fun, this Lego-style venture has garnered numerous sales and awards.

Brushtache 2011-2013

This quirky kitchen accessory was co-developed and trademarked with my fiance.  Optimized for look, feel, and cleaning performance, the industrial mustache-shape brushes are domestically sourced in the USA and sold at specialty stores in the Baltimore area.  The innovative tag design also allows users to freely interact at the point-of-purchase.

product design



Sarah's Stands

Sarah's Stands 2011-2014

Sarah is a nationally-acclaimed cake stand designer whom I was fortunate to help develop-for-manufacture her Picture Perfect and Simply Stunning product lines.

GPS Tracking Device - Pharad 2013-2014

The challenge for this project was to covertly signal a cargo container breach then track it anywhere in the world.  Teaming with internationally-recognized RF and electrical design leaders, a reliable system was designed, constructed, and in-situ tested.  Chief role was electromechanical design and layout of covert radio assembly. Image courtesy Pharad, LLC


GPS Tracking


Utility Patent

Utility Patent 7,987,864 - Deployable Structure etc.  2008-2011

Nothing frees the mind like a few days in the outdoors.  For this project, I developed a novel concept for a scalable tent structure, one that can be easily collapsed.  I then seized the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of patentability, researching USPTO databases, and specifying claims.  Patent was self-authored and illustrated with professional review by Thorp Reed & Armstrong.


HIP Powder Metallurgy

HIP Powder Metallurgy - Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. 2006-2011

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIPing) is a cutting-edge fabrication process with applications ranging from cladding and bonding to near net shape (NNS) powder metal forming.  A cross between sintering and forging, this intensive fabrication technique was explored for a host of nuclear component applications. Chief role was leading development, qualification, and implementation for various valve technologies.  Photo courtesy Bodycote, PLC


Prototype Construction

Prototype Construction - Pharad 2013

Utilizing a mix of custom-machined and COTS parts, this one-of-a-kind deliverable was hand-built and road tested, expanding the limits of communication form factors.  This particular design incorporates a novel fitting optimized for COTS materials and for cost-savings with future injection-molded volumes.  Image courtesy Pharad, LLC

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